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Every person’s skin is unique and different. Identify your true skin type and find out the right skincare for you.

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There are a lot of things we don't know about our skin condition. Trust your skin to the skin expert from Céleteque to get the right treatment.

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Céleteque has a complete product range for every skin type. Get the products and enjoy the best result after consult a doctor.

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"We understand that every woman's skin is unique and need different treatments. For this reason, Celeteque was born as a form of our passion to combine science and aesthetics"

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Skin Regimen

Acne Solutions

is a regiment which specifically formulated to clear up acne and control oily skin. You will get clearer skin in 1 week after the first usage*


is a regiment which specifically formulated to help lighten skinby addressing the causes of melanin production. Your skin will be brighter in 1 week after the first usage*


Is a product which functions as a moisturizer that brings a soothing effect after skin rejuvenation procedures, such as peel, microdermabrasion, laser, and light therapy

Anti Aging

is a product regiment which specifically formulated to prevent and diminish the early signs of aging. It has been proven to reduce fine lines in 6 weeks


is a line of products that gives expert moisturization to hydrate sensitive and dry skin. It brings moisture balance to your skin, also makes it softer and smoother in 2 weeks*

Sun Care

is a line of products proven to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure with 2x sunscreen protection against UVA & UVB*

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Find inspiration for your beautiful skin from our article

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